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Our Team

National Taxi has developed and trained a whole team of qualified personnel to serve various needs of our customers and to enable us to meet our quality objectives.

Operations Department is one of the biggest departments in the organization, working closely with all other departments to ensure that the best drivers in the industry are selected to serve our customers. They are also responsible for managing the conduct and standard of customer service and cleanliness in our taxis

National Taxi likewise believes that quality starts within. Hence, by providing the best training, utilizing personal and flexible approach especially designed to enhance safety and health through investment of people we achieve our quality objectives. The Recruitment and Training Section for Drivers ensures that we are hiring quality drivers from the beginning thus they have to undergo a tough approach.

The Training section has a various training program that suits the specific needs of our driver. By implementing an effective driver training we can avoid some risks.

To provide our drivers with a one-stop service center our Human Resources & Admin Department had set up a section that cater the various needs of the drivers and they are being attended by our driver friendly and efficient administration staff. The Human Resources Department prioritizing the welfare of the drivers and Staff has lots of innovative and motivational programs for the drivers.

National Taxi have a strength of approximately 3100 including about 3000 drivers.

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ISO 9001 : 2000 Certified
On May 31, 2003 National Taxi became the only taxi franchisee company which was awarded a certificate of Excellence ISO 9001:2000 from DNV Veritas.
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