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Taxi Tariff (Dubai Taxis)

 Minimum Fare AED. 12.00

 FREE Journey if meter is not operated!

  Tariff Time   Day (6:00am to 10:00pm)   Night (10:00pm to 6:00am)
   Flag Fall (Meter Starting Fare)
Street Pickup (Hired on Road) AED. 5.00 AED. 5.50
Booked thru Call Center (600-543322) AED. 8.00 AED. 9.00
Booked thru Call Center During Peak Hours* AED. 12.00 AED. 12.00
Ports & Events AED. 20.00 AED. 20.00
   Distance Fares
Every 585 Meters AED. 1.00 AED. 1.00
Per Kilometer AED. 1.71 AED. 1.71
Incremental Rate AED. 0.50 per 292 Meters AED. 0.50 per 292 Meters
  Waiting Charges
Charges AED. 30.00 per Hour AED. 30.00 per Hour
Incremental Rate AED. 0.50 per Minute AED. 0.50 per Minute
  Tolls & Surcharges
 All Toll (Salik) gates : AED. 4 will be charged automatically by the meter on tollways
 Sharjah Surcharge : AED. 20 will be added for trips to Sharjah/Northern Emirates
 Minimum Fare : AED. 12 will be payable if the trip amount is less than AED. 12
  Peak Hours:

4 pm-12 am during Thursdays and Fridays

7 am-10 am & 4 pm-8 pm during other days